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New Calendar Kids read aloud videos posted on YouTube! Teach the months of the year to your class!

Whew! What a year! I have not spent a bunch of time thinking about posting a blog update... I have been too busy with creating not one, not two, but THREE new books in the series. The Calendar Kids collection is certainly growing! "Meet June" published in the summer of 2022, followed by "Meet February" in December of 2022. I decided the next book would be "Meet May" since we met her in June's book. It was a tight turnaround after finishing February, but we did it! Mid April of 2023 May's book was complete!

I wanted to be sure to make reading and viewing their books were easy for teachers to share and so here we are... YouTube readings by me! Enjoy!

Meet February!

She is ADORABLE! Did you know that we made February dolls this year too? You can find them here: February Dolls

Meet May!

I absolutely loved illustrating May's book. I love to garden and I grow flowers from seeds. It was so relaxing to feel like I was just sitting in my garden while I was really sitting in my office illustrating for over 70 hours.

There will be a YouTube read aloud for Meet June as well! June's book is long overdue for her read aloud! What do you think of this fun new way to teach the months of the year?

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