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June Plush Doll w/ Sun-Shape

June Plush Doll w/ Sun-Shape


Introducing our June plush doll, the perfect companion to our Calendar Kids book series!


This adorable plush doll measures approximately 12" tall and is the ideal size for displaying in your classroom. This doll is our first version, which features less hair and a sun shape on the back of her to remind children that June is the beginning of Summer. The second version (will more hair) will be available at a later time. Each doll is designed with educational use in mind, making them a wonderful addition to any child's learning experience. 


Please note that these dolls are not intended to be used as toys, but rather as a tool for teaching children about the months of the year.


Enhance your child's education with our June plush doll and the entire Calendar Kids collection today!

Expected to ship by the beginning of June.
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